Collaboration in Development of Leading Facility for Testing of Water Filtration Technologies and R&D Activities

Project Leads: Dr. Asim Laeeq Khan (CUI Lahore)

Dr. Haris Samiullah (PakVitae)

Engr. Rabia Nusrat (PakVitae)

PakVitae is a water technology company and a market leader in the use of polymeric technologies particularly for water purification and provides liquid separation solutions to industry, healthcare, agricultural and household. PakVitae is the pioneer of Esoteric Resistive Membrane technology also known as an intrinsically biofilm-resistant membrane; for which it holds valuable patents in 65 countries.

PakVitae has joined hands with the Membrane Systems Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at COMSATS University to develop leading water treatment technologies testing facility. Both parties are promoting innovation, testing facilities, and introducing high-quality water treatment products in the local market on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Both parties will jointly explore, initiate and undertake R&D projects, industry/ market-oriented projects and any other activities related to the areas of investigation of membrane based (and other types) water filters for treating various types of liquid streams from industrial to household and commercial scale projects. There will be joint seminars, conferences, and training within the country.

Postgraduate students enrolled in the department of chemical engineering at COMSATS university may undertake their research work in a laboratory on mutually agreed topics, subject to provide financial support by PakVitae.