Vacancies in the following projects are currently available:

(1)  One PhD position for Spring 2024 is available under the HEC funded project entitled ‘Task-specific Deep Eutectic Solvents Based Pervaporation Process for Production of Fuel-grade Bioethanol’. This project involves the fabrication of hydrophobic membranes and their physico-chemical characterization for pervaporation process. The monthly stipend is 53,000 Rs. The eligibility requirement is MS Chemical Engineering/Polymer Engineering/Environmental Engineering. Hands-on experience in the fabrication and application of membranes will be preferred. Interested candidates are advised to email the CV and cover letter to

(2) We are always looking for motivated students interested in conducting research in the area of membarne separations. Further, we are also offering research projects to undergraduate students who would like to conduct research as volunteer to gain valuable experience. The undergraduate students of CUI Lahore interested in conducting ‘Chemical Process Design Project’ in Membrane Separations are also invited to contact us. However, be aware that only top students, irrespective of their nationality, will be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact with
Email: (Dr. Asim Laeeq Khan)

Email: (Dr. Muhammad Yasin)

Email: (Dr. Muhammad Aslam)