Research Area


Processes have being developed for separation and purification of components using membrane technology. Improving membrane selectivity along high permeation flux is the key to process success

Membrane gas separations

  • Removal of VOCs from effluent streams
  • Separation of Nitrogen and Oxygen from air
  • Carbon dioxide capturing
  • Biogas purification
  • Natural gas sweetening
  • Syngas processing

Membrane bioreactors

  • Aerobic/anaerobic membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment
  • Membrane fouling investigations
  • Energy requirements and recovery from wastewater and waste streams
  • Resource recovery from wastewater and waste streams
  • Sea water desalination
  • Modeling and simulation

Membrane Distillations

  • Thermally driven separation process
  • Water Purification
  • Removal/Concentration of ammonia
  • Resource concentration
  • Modeling and simulation

Photo-catalytic Membrane Reactor

  • PMRs are hybird reactors in which photocatalysis is coupled with a membrane process.
  • Removal of emerging industrial contaminants.
  • Development of novel photocatalysts
  • Industrial wastewater treatment


  • Separation of mixtures of liquid by partial vaporization
  • Fabrication of selective and permeable membranes
  • Dehydration of bio-alcohols
  • Purification of butanol/bioethanol
  • Modeling and simulation


  • Desalination of waster and seawater
  • Fabrication of novel membranes for desalination
  • Membrane fouling mechanisms and fouling control strategies
  • Inorganic scaling of the membranes investigations